Drifty: Find anything on web3!
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 What is Drifty?

Drifty is a search engine (like Google) that helps you find and discover anything on web3!

 What's Web3?

Web3 is a set of new web technologies that give users, creators, and communities more control over the products they use on the web!

If you've heard of "Ethereum", "Cryptocurrency", "Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)", or "decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)", then you've heard of web3!

 Is Drifty Web3?

Yes! Right now we support NFT search, and we're actively working through how we can integrate other web3 technology to create a better search and discovery product!

If you have ideas, please shoot us a note on Twitter or Email -- we'd love to hear from you!

 This still seems confusing...

Just like the early internet, web3 can be confusing -- it's a bunch of new, emerging technologies!

The promise of web3 is to deliver experiences where users and creators have more transparency and direct control of what they use and create on the web!

Check out the products featured on Drifty to see how builders are realizing that vision!

Let's drift the new web together!